Halloween Front Porch

     A black figure darted across the path that led up to the massive black house, looming over me, casting shadows in the darkness. I hesitantly walk up the walkway, scared of the utterly silent, black, eerie, night. I can see the big pot of candy on the porch when BAM! a BLOODCURDLING SCREAM PIERCES THE NIGHT.

I realize my eyes are closed and hurriedly open them.

     Bad Idea.

An enormous zombie is standing in front of me. Was that bloodcurdling scream me? Probably, I mean, look at it. The zombie stays frozen in place for about 5 seconds, along with me, and then suddenly it opens its ghoulish mouth and starts laughing.

The zombie – who I had now observed was a person – laughed so hard his arm fell off. But where there should’ve been nothingness, there was a human arm. I let out a big sigh, stalk past the zombie, and go onto the front porch. I gather up my candy, and sit on the porch, which is quite festively decorated with large, hairy spiders, Jack-o-lanterns, and finally, a large mummy hanging over the door. I open the door and walk inside, calling behind me to my brother, ” not funny Dexter, not funny at all.” The door slams shut behind me. 

Newsboys Concert

Last Sunday, I went to the Newsboys concert. SoundWave opened for them, followed by Grace Campbell, and then Rapture Ruckus. The Newsboys were on their Restart World Tour, and last Sunday was their last day in Austin. They played at ACL, and then they came over to Great Hills Baptist Church, and that’s where I was. They played all of the songs on their album, Restart, and then they played some of their old songs including Something Beautiful, Born Again, and God’s Not Dead. Some of my favorites from the Restart album were Restart, Change the World, That Home, and Love Like I Mean It. The concert was amazing, and I really enjoyed it.


6:37 PM. I get off the bleachers and jog onto the court. The A Team just finished playing, and they had won the first one, lost the second one, and returned with an amazing comeback and finished it up, winning the last game. I was so nervous, knowing that this game was the first game going on our record. I kept trying to think positive thoughts, but it wasn’t exactly easy do because I had heard Marble Falls were a really hard team. Despite all of that, I lined up, and started doing warmups. All through the passing, all I could think about was how we absolutely needed to win. Finally, we started serving. Every single one of my serves sailed perfectly over the net, so I thought that things were looking pretty promising. I knew I shouldn’t get over confident, so I pushed all thoughts of winning out of my head. First half of the first game, and we were doing great. Calling the balls, have perfect passes, sets, and once we even spiked it over. We won that game 25 to 19. We knew we still shouldn’t get over confident, because we still had to win one more game. The second game, things weren’t looking so good. We would always be tied, and then the other team would get one point.We weren’t calling the ball, people would just watch the ball drop to the floor, and almost none of our serves went over. We lost that game 18 to 21. Still, we were hopeful. One more game, we could win this. The third game started off okay, with our team being always 3 to 4 points ahead of the other team. We played hard, got almost all of our serves over, and we finished the game with an amazing pass that could not be returned. We won that game 25 to 17, and there was a lot of screaming, and jumping up and down. The first game that went on our record, and we totally conquered it.