Allegiant. What on earth. Veronica Roth, did you just. But seriously, how could you do this to us, to me. Absolutely not okay. Not at all.

I just finished the last book of the Divergent series, and I have to say, I knew it would probably happen, but I didn’t think Veronica Roth would actually just kill the main character, and one of her best friends. Like what? I was in a literal state of shock for the rest of the weekend. And it wasn’t enough for Veronica Roth to kill Tris in a simple way, she has to go through the entire first level of her mission, survive the actual death serum in fog which, she already had a very close experience with it, but no, that wasn’t enough. She still has to drag herself through the glass doors barely alive just to be greeted with, ” Hello, Tris.”

And that’s when I started to panic. Because everybody knows that when anybody says, ” Hello, (insert character’s name)”, that something terrible is going to happen. When somebody says that, that’s usually when the bad guy come in and does some awful deed, or that’s when you find out the good, innocent character is actually the villain, the evil mastermind the bad guy. So of course, when she goes in and is about to save everybody, David has to come in and just kill her. Because that’s exactly how you end a book, right?

Well, no. Also, to top it all off, in Insurgent, Tris about to be injected with death serum. She says, ” Am I done yet? I can’t be.” And then again, in Allegiant, while her life is seeping away, she sees her mom come to her in a hallucination, and she asks, “Am I done yet”, and her mom replies, ” Yes my child, you’ve done so well.”