Halloween Front Porch

     A black figure darted across the path that led up to the massive black house, looming over me, casting shadows in the darkness. I hesitantly walk up the walkway, scared of the utterly silent, black, eerie, night. I can see the big pot of candy on the porch when BAM! a BLOODCURDLING SCREAM PIERCES THE NIGHT.

I realize my eyes are closed and hurriedly open them.

     Bad Idea.

An enormous zombie is standing in front of me. Was that bloodcurdling scream me? Probably, I mean, look at it. The zombie stays frozen in place for about 5 seconds, along with me, and then suddenly it opens its ghoulish mouth and starts laughing.

The zombie – who I had now observed was a person – laughed so hard his arm fell off. But where there should’ve been nothingness, there was a human arm. I let out a big sigh, stalk past the zombie, and go onto the front porch. I gather up my candy, and sit on the porch, which is quite festively decorated with large, hairy spiders, Jack-o-lanterns, and finally, a large mummy hanging over the door. I open the door and walk inside, calling behind me to my brother, ” not funny Dexter, not funny at all.” The door slams shut behind me. 

2 thoughts on “Halloween Front Porch

  1. I love that post!!! I can imagine it so well, like if I close my eyes, I can see the “zombie” standing in front of me. I love the descriptive words, like “bloodcurdling” and “ghoulish”. Also, when you said, was that bloodcurdling scream me? Like you were so scared you didn’t even realize you were screaming.

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