Me & My Books

     It’s Monday, the first day of school. I let myself in the house, throw my backpack down, kick off my shoes, and crash on the couch. Then I remember I have books to read. I moan as I get up; the couch was so soft, and the first day of school is so tiring. I get one of my favorite books, Divergent by Veronica Roth, and throw myself down onto the couch. I open the book to a random page and start reading.

     As I read, I transform myself into the book. It’s like I’m watching a really good movie, and I don’t want it to end. I read wherever is convenient at the time, and whenever I have free time. As you would guess, I read a lot over the summer. I love to read. Ever since I was little, when me and my mom read Raggedy Ann out loud to me in my hot pink bedroom, I have read all the time.


     I read in bed, as soon as I wake up, and right before I go to sleep. When I read, it’s like there’s nothing else in the world; I don’t hear, or see anything other than the words I’m reading. When I read, it’s just me and my books.