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Hey, I’m Hannah, and I live in Austin, Texas, and I’m in 7th grade. I play the violin, and I love to sing. I play basketball and volleyball. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite number is 2. I love everything Disney: Disneyland, Disney movies, Disney merchandise, everything. I absolutely adore roller coasters, I love the thrill of being that high up in the air. I like roller-skating, and go to the rink every chance I get. I love dogs, though I know that I will never get one. Taylor Swift, Megan and Liz, and Demi Lovato are pretty amazing. Reading is my favorite pastime. I always re-read books, and I could never stop in the middle of a book. Some of my favorites are Harry Potter, the Fault in Our Stars, Percy Jackson, and Divergent. I hope you enjoy my blog!


– Hannah –

Daily Disney - Hollywood Studios Balloons at Dusk (Explored)

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mysterious curvy friend
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