Hillsong United : Welcome Zion

November 25th was a pretty great day. The last day of school before Thanksgiving break, and it was pretty relaxed. Yeah, sure, I had a science yes, but I had prepared for it and did well. I was feeling great by the time 7th Period rolled around. I was so excited!

There’s this band called Hillsong United that I absolutely adore. They’re a Christian band that my family follows and listens to all the time. They were on their tour, Welcome Zion, and my sister and I had been kind of obsessing over their best album yet. Our parents had surprisingly agreed to take us to their concert in Houston and pick us up early to school to get there at 7:30.

I had just gotten to English and we started talking about our essays and poems we had been working on when somebody came in to give my teacher a note. ” Hannah David.” I jump up eagerly while my friend glances at me with a questioning look. I whisper “concert” to her as I walk past her. I get my note from my teacher, say ” Happy Thanksgiving ” under my breath, and walk out of the computer lab. I run down the stairs, get all my things together, and run back upstairs to go to the office. My dad greets me with a smile and says, ” Ready to go?” Like I would ever have an answer anything other then ” YES!” We walk out of the school, the heavy metal doors banging shut behind us.

I jump into the car and we listen to music and talk about how we can’t wait for the concert as we drive home. When we get home, we gather all of our things and make sure our bags are packed with everything we need to stay the night in Houston. By the time the concert probably gets over, we will all be too tired to do anything other than sleep, let alone drive back home for three hours. My mom finishes her last meeting, and we all get in the car again to drive to Westlake to pick up my sister. When she gets in the car, the trip officially begins. Mission Hillsong United is in motion.

We get there just in time, and we run up to get our seats. The Reliant Arena is humongous, and as I scanned the crowd, I realized how many people can come together just for one cause. It’s pretty amazing to think that thousands of people all over the world enjoy the same things I do. The opening performance is by Young and Free, a youth branch off of Hillsong United. They are amazing, and very talented. After them, we wait for 40 minutes until Hillsong United comes out. I have to say, it was worth the wait. They play all of my favorite songs from their old albums, including a one where all the band members are dancing and running around on stage, one of the main singers are singing into a megaphone, and top it all off the ground is literally vibrating.

The concert ends at 11:37 PM, and I have to say, I was stunned. I’ve been to 2 concerts of their’s before, but this one was by far the best. I had so much fun, and the rest of Thanksgiving weekend, I was still marveling how perfect that night was.