The Phantom’s Lair

Eine rote Rose

Dark, damp, dreadful

Jet black walls closing in on you

 An unpleasant, heavy aroma settles like the dust perching on all objects

The feeling of uneasiness comes upon you as you take in your surroundings

Something isn’t right

You wander further into the hall and take a look around

A thick scent greets you as you enter what looks to be a bedroom

A cot, dresser, and small closet occupy the vast amount of space in the room

A big window overlooks a dark, eerie lake

You creep out of the room, into the hallway

Goosebumps rise on your skin as your gaze catches a pearly white mask

You turn, and search the room more closely

A grand piano sits alone, with a single blood red rose lying upon it

You jump at the sound of maniacal laughter

Turning around slowly, you see a figure looming in the darkness

The figure advances into the light, and you see him

All the stories were true

His body fully encased in the bright light streaming in through the windows,you confirm you previous thoughts

He’s here

The phantom of the opera

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: MrOmega via Compfight

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