iPad – Valued Possession or Negative Influence?

Valued possession. Yes. Yes. YES. Oh, of course! Isn’t it obvious? I mean, the iPad? Being distracting and bringing me trouble? Of course NOT.

My iPad keeps me organized. I can write my study habits and homework in it, and i can also set reminders for myself. I am a very forgetful person. Teachers are starting to give out homework on the iPad, which is very convenient because then I can do my homework almost anywhere. My iPad is helpful.

Also, it’s a G-R-E-A-T (I can spell) great entertainment device for leisure. I can read on my iPad, listen to music, get on Twiiter, Pinterest, or Tumblr, check my email, all that great stuff. All in a little (actually quite big) technology device. As long as you manage your time responsibly, the iPad can really help.

So, yes, my iPad is a valued possession rather than negative influence. It keeps me argali zed, helps with school, and gives me entertainment. Let me tell you, the iPad has a LOT of storage. I use my iPad everyday, and I enjoy it immensely.

6 thoughts on “iPad – Valued Possession or Negative Influence?

  1. I agree that the key is in responsible time management. I use my iPad for work, but I also use mine for entertainment. It’s wonderful for both purposes!

  2. I really like your expository writing. It was so true! I like your examples because they apply to middle schoolers lives now. iPads are great inventions that can be used for good purposes.

  3. I agree. I-pads are very helpful at reminding us about our To-Do lists and helping us with our homework, but the I-pad can get out of hand sometimes. With every pro there is a con, and the con with I-pads is just the distraction and excitement of it all. With power (or an I-pad in our case) comes great responsibility.
    P.S. I really like your voice in this expository writing!

  4. I really liked how the title had a question in it, do I was left wanting to read more, I think that the iPads can be a distraction during classes (if you happen to be doing something on your iPad in class) but I think that there need to be limits into what apps you can -like- be on during school hours. Almost like new restrictions.

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